The two party system

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The two party system

Post by Pbhead on Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:29 pm

One big hobby of mine is looking at other voting systems.

The United States system was a fantastic innovation at the time of its inception, but it does have a few 'bugs'. The system has changed slightly over the years, though it can not be said that bugs were fixed, or replaced with other bugs.

This video kinda shows the sort of problem with our current system.

And the initial founding fathers were really opposed to the idea of a two party system, but at the time the political science and math just simply didn't exist.

Now days, there are a lot of options.

In particular, the 10 hours one might take in deciphering the giant table 1/2 way though the article, shows just how many possibilities there are. And that isn't even a complete list. one could imagine even more possibilities.

With the internet, I feel there is a whole new list of possibilities, where voting could be instantaneous and changed at any time, and political power distribution could be recalculated daily. Even the assemblies, and the candidates/delegates/representatives could all meet, talk, vote, and do business online instead of meeting all in one physical location. With no physical building, there is no reason to constrain the number of representatives either, and one could easily imagine a system where /anyone/ could be a representative, with voting power equal to the number of people who have voted for you. (which, might be just yourself!)

Would voting systems based upon the internet be a good idea? Not sure. Voters tend to be very impatient, and there is some merit to some "stickyness" to political power. (stability). (stickiness could always be shoved in there mathematically somehow, I usually imagine 2 houses, one truly instant, and one with... "lag".)

But basically, there are a TON of options and possibilities and configurations which are possible. Just another thing for your imagination to run wild with.


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