David Chalmers on Consciousness and Nature

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David Chalmers on Consciousness and Nature

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:11 pm


This is a not too difficult of a read for people interested in philosophy. David Chalmers is an Australian philosopher of prominence and is pretty well known in the community of philosophers.

Personally, I like the panprotopsychism (type F) view of his ideas. It is important to tell you that panprotopsychism is a view that there are consciousness qualities that entities can hold, but that do not make the entity wholly conscious, but David calls it "proto-conscious", which can maybe create a whole conscious entity if they "protophenomoenal" properties are arranged in a certain way/shape/pattern/etc.
Basically, there are physical structures, protophenomenal, and phenomenal. The protophenomenal may be a link between physical and phenomenal structures, perhaps the spark or ignition.


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