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Hey all,

I enjoy writing when I feel motivated and awake (thank you coffee!!!)
I have written a Science fiction novel, but am taking a break on the sequel. However, I thought it would be fun to write Pokemon FanFiction. This is on a different planet with Pokemon, with not much in common with the original story. It is aimed at an older audience than children. It is a medieval like time period and the humans on this world are stronger and faster than the humans as we know them, but Pokemon are still more powerful by far. Anyways, hope you enjoy. I'll update it when I feel up to it!

    Mountains sprung up all around a small village. They were not particularly tall; their peaks did not have the pure snow caps that some boasted. Among the hills leading up towards the mountain, laid a lone man on his back leaning against one of the many grey rocks that jetted out around the top of this cliff side. A light breeze ran through the air, lightly influencing the man's hair to float majestically in the wind's direction.  His black hair was shaggy and spiked towards several edges in an orderly messy fashion. When the wind stopped blowing, his bangs would almost cover his right eye. This man was clad in all black with a black hood around his shoulders leading to a black loose fitting shirt that was hanging down from his neck-- a common shirt not for show. The black thick pants he wore had a slight brown tint near where is boots met the hem from traversing around this wild area. His face hid his age well for he was nearing the end of his twenties. His eyes were closed; a deep scar ran beneath his right eye like a menacing streak of mutated flesh. His lip piercing met a seemingly smiling face as the calming winds passed by. Near by, there was a sprawled out Infernape snoozing away the day with the man.
    As the tranquility ran on and the sun shown down, the man drifted off into a slumber with dreams of the past...
The sun beamed around the man in this setting just as it was currently in the mountains. There he stood, in a chariot that was ornate. This man looked similar to the man on the hillside, but there were some differences. His clothing was of a royal blue and white color and more formal than the black current garb. There was no scar underneath the right eye nor was there a lip piercing. His hair was a blond color that gleamed brilliantly in the sun, while his eyes themselves looked so alive. He smiled as he waved to the crowd of people on either side of his chariot, which being pulled by a Rapidash of large size. He reached a stopping point in front of a rather immense house and descended his chariot of blue fire decor. As he walked towards the door a little girl and boy ran up to the man.

"Jace!!! Me and my brother are your best admirers!" shouted the little girl excitedly.

"Y-yeah...we are!" the boy piped in, bashfully hiding behind his sister.

The man called Jace smiled and turned his body to face them. "Well, then I must have the names of my best admirers."

"I'm Amber and this is my brother Keto! We are twins!" her eyes sparkled as she looked at Jace.

"Hello Amber and Keto!" Jace patted their heads playfully and bent his knees bringing his head to their eyesight level. "And do you two have any goals. Followers of mine must have some dream."

"We sure do!" Amber smiled broadly. "We are going to be the best duo team in the Siento region!"

Keto feeding off his sister's boldness stated triumphantly," Yeah! One day we will be better than you!" He stood beside his sister with a look of determination.

Jace grinned and stood up. "If you want to be better than me, you will have to train extremely hard and stay just as determined as you are now." Jace turned towards the door of the house and waved to the children. "I believe in you two. Go out and show the world what you have got!"

"Bye Jace!!!" the two children yelled in unison and ran off.

Jace knocked on the lovely white and pink trimmed door that complimented his houses beige color. He then pushed the solid door open and walked inside. He looked around and saw the familiar flowers of white that decorated his lovely home. The wooden floor creaked lightly as Jace walked down the elaborate hall with picture frames. He smiled as he saw a portrait of him and a beautiful, blond woman holding hands. Footsteps came from behind him and he turned to see the very woman in the portrait before him.

Her lovely golden hair was curled at the ends and the bangs hung perfectly above her ocean blue eyes. There was a warm and loving smile across her lips that were lovely rouge in color, complimenting her pale complexion. She wore a cute royal blue and white dress, matching Jace’s own outfit. Her bosom stuck out showing the tops of her breasts which all men desired and Jace was no exception. He smiled as he put his hands on her broad hips and looked deep into her eyes. He leaned in for a kiss as she closed her eyes to meet his lips—

"Come on, Kainan!" a voice hollered. The man opened his eyes from his slumber slowly and as he lifted his head a foot landed straight into his gut. The man doubled over and he tried to catch his breath. His hand holding his gut, he looked up to see a young girl running quickly away from him with an Eevee close behind. As he rose to his feet, he was suddenly pushed back down to the ground face first. Two men were now in front of him running in the girl’s direction with two Machops, clearly angered over something.

The girl and the eevee continued running and ran behind a large rock which was an entrance to a jutting rocky maze. She weaved in and out in a zigzag pattern with her Eevee trailing close behind. She looked confused, but determined at the same time as she ran. Her red hair was messy from the wind and her sweating head. Her green eyes showed brightly as she continued to try to find her way through the maze. She wore a plain, brown short sleeve top with a matching brown and grey skirt that was tight fitting and not too long.
The girl continued but slid on her feet spewing dust in the air; she was at a dead end. She looked up at the high rock before her, but it was impossible to climb as the angle was too sharp. She turned around to search for a new route and her Eevee barked at the entrance to the dead end. The girl gritted her teeth as she heard running footsteps getting closer to her direction. From the corner the two men appeared huffing deeply for air with their Machops’ by their side.

“Well, well, well… the little girl is trapped I see.” The first one spoke as he cracked his neck to the side and slowly walked near here.

“Yer gonna pay for what ya did you brat!” The other yelled angrily as he rolled up his sleeves. They were both dressed in dingy outfits and bandanas on.

“Kainan, use quick attack!” the girl ordered her companion to perform an action, pointing at the two Machops that were protecting their owners. The Eevee gained speed at a remarkable pace as it jumped and rammed itself into one Machop and then the other quickly, then jumped back in front of the young girl. Kainan was panting lightly as the two Machops stumbled a bit, but easily gained their footing unscathed.

“What a pitiful attack! Yer gonna see how a real trainer battles now you punk! Machop, use karate—“

“What’s the big idea with waking me up and running me over…” a gruff voice spoke from the background.
The girl squinted to try to see the person behind her attackers as the two men turned towards the voice. The speaker was the man in black, his hood pulled over his face concealing his eyes. His arms were crossed and he was in a foul mood.

“Who the hell are you?” Asked one of the men spitting on the ground.

“It doesn’t matter who I am… what matters is why you woke me up… I hate being woke up before my body is ready.”

The other man stepped forward and spoke to the man in black, “Listen here pal, I don’t know what ya want, but this doesn’t concern ya. If we woke ya up sorry, but we have a pest to deal with.”

“Yeah! This girl sabotaged our business! She opened the cages to all of our imported Tauros and they all escaped!”

“You were abusing the Pokemon and selling them on the black market you scum!” hollered the girl from her corner.

“You shut up you brat! We run a reputable business!” One man yelled back at her turning towards her menacingly.

“I don’t give a damn about your situation here…” the man took steps forward towards the two men. “I said I don’t like being woke up…now someone is going to have to pay.” He continued to walk closer to the men and their Machops jumped in front of them in a defensive position.

“Hey jerk, if ya get any closer we’re gonna have to lay the pain on ya just like this little girl. You better just leave now before ya do something stupid,” threatened one of the men, but the hooded man continued walking closer to them.

“That’s it! Enough of this crap! Machop, karate chop this idiot!” The man’s Machop sprang forward at the hooded man. The Machop’s hand swung at the man’s face, but the man easily ducked out of the way and continued walking slowly to the men.

The other man looked confused and growled, “Wh-what!? Machop, use low kick!” The other Machop slid at the hooded man, but the man jumped over the Machop and hurried at the two men. “Machop, karate chop him in the back!” The Machops turned and ran at man in black. The Machops gained ground on the man for they were of decent speed. Both Machops leaped in the air and slammed out their hands to hit the man, but a blur of red and white suddenly smashed into both of the Machops sending them backwards, slamming them against the rocky walls.

The two men grew fearful as they saw the Pokemon responsible for their Machops being knocked out. “W-woah. An Infernape... Please man we don’t want any trouble!”

“Yeah just let us go man we will deal with the punk later! We’re really sorry bout waking ya up!”

The two men watched the cloak man suddenly run up the side of the rocky wall. The man in black pushed off the wall with his legs and extended his right foot hitting both of the twin men in the face. Both men went sprawling to the ground, as one tried to stand up the man in black slammed his elbow into the man’s back and he crumpled. The other man started to run away and the man in black sprinted after him. The cloaked man caught up quickly and spread his arm out in front of the man’s neck. The man had no time to react and he ran straight into the extended arm. The man fell straight back to the ground, gasping for air as he went into a daze. The man in black glared at the man below him and he shuddered with fear. The man quickly rolled to his right as a sword flashed down upon where he was previously standing. A shrill yell came out of the man on the ground as his twin companion’s sword sliced off his left hand and a puddle of blood began to litter the ground. Shocked the man with the sword stared wide eyed at his friend’s painful face. The sword fell to the ground as its owner crumpled from an elbow to the back of his head.

“P-please Mr. we are sorry! We’ve learned our lesson!” pleaded the more injured man grabbing at his wrist and wincing. “My hand… my hand…” the man grabbed his missing limb and hugged it close.

“Let us go man!” yelled the other man.

The black haired man smirked as his Infernape walked over to stand beside him, the two Machops were sprawled on the ground incapacitated. “Nemesio, finish these two filth.” The Infernape opened his mouth and small flames began to swirl inside his mouth and started to shoot out at the two men.

“STOP!!!” A shrieking female voice yelled out. The Infernape named Nemesio subsided his flame. The black cloaked man crossed his arms.

“Step aside little girl.”

“No! You don’t have to kill them!” She stretched her arms out wide covering the two men on the ground.

“They are just petty thugs; the world would be better without them. Besides, they just tried to hurt you anyways. Why would you defend them?”

The girl bit her lip and spoke up, “Because… because all life, be it the lowest of humans or the highest of Pokemon, is precious! I don’t care that they attacked me! You don’t have to be so cruel. I appreciate your help but…but you don’t need to do this or you’re no better than they are!”

The black cloaked man narrowed his eyes at her. The two exchanged glances for a moment, then the man calmly walked passed her and continued towards the end of rocky hallway. “Suit yourself.” He said as he turned the corner, Nemesio following close behind. The man continued in his silent, lonely march and out of the maze.


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Re: Pokemon FanFiction

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Update 2:

    The sun finally set and slowly rolled down behind the mountain peaks. As the last gleam of sunlight dissipated, the townsfolk of Jeht went off from their labors and to their homes, families and other various activities. The town itself looked peaceful and lovely from the outside, with the quietness and hard work of day, one might think this was a tranquil and lovely place to raise a family. While some went for dinner and bonding with their loved ones, other citizens of Jeht partook in less morally sound passions. For the men and soldiers of the town, there was nothing more satisfying than lust. Of course all men longed for the touch of a woman, but a beautiful woman was hard to win over easily and many felt pained by this glorious notion of courtship. For these men, they could walk down the cobbled streets of the town to the luxurious and seemingly cleanly on the outside house of harlots. The brothel in this town was one of the two selling points of trade in the town, for there were not many natural resources and the like near by to sell. Many men would enter sullen, angry and would come out as a new man, strengthened with sexual resolve. The windows were not always covered so the children outside running the streets would hear the moans and noises of passion throughout the night which both confused and intrigued their eager young minds, to the dismay of the remaining people with standards.

    Still, there was another stigma about this town, one much less noticeable to a passerby or even the soldiers sent to patrol the territory. Even some people of power knew the issue, but their minds could be changed or perhaps their minds were to dull to know how to combat it. In the tavern, another place where men gathered, there could always be heard the chanting and singing of drunken men forgetting their troubles of the harsh day in the chill of the night. Most men need down time and they happily will partake of it if given the chance. The Folly Goblet was this other place of business that attracted people. This was not an attraction due solely to their sales of liquors, though one would believe activity in such a place was spurred by the unparalleled customer service, the utmost quality of drink and the entertainment of the majestic lovely bards, but no this was not the case. As only some lower beings of the earth knew, there was a side business for places like these in small, unregulated towns. The small, grey stone building sure was nothing to look at. Next to the bar were several pins and stalls for people to let their Pokemon rest in as there were none allowed inside the tavern.

The bar was quite full this particular evening as men continued singing their hymns of drunken stupor. Tales of riches, Pokemon battles, sexual prowess and more filled the air. The old wooden door to the tavern was left open to welcome all passerby to the festival. The shabby, dark brown tables had splinters in them, but a drunken man cannot feel the sting of wood when intoxicated so heavily. The bar maids walked around showing their bosoms in an attempt to trick the aroused and less then conscious men to continue spending their hard earned coin. A pirate looking man with an eye patch and all, with burly, hairy arms and a front tooth missing was especially rowdy this night.

"Eh, suga! Give poppa some more drink!" the man ordered the nearest bar maid as he winked at her.

"Of course, coming right up you strong man." She smiled as she walked to the bartender and filled a mug for the man. She waltzed back over to the man and plopped down his drink. "This one is on the house for being such a great customer, not to mention handsome." She said smirking.

"Oi! Do ye hear that mates?" he asked and looked around at his friends at this table. "This lil lady seems to fancy me she does! What say we give her a bit o' lovin'?" The man grabbed the woman by the waist and smacked her on her buttocks. As the maid tried to struggle away, he pulled her head towards him and forced his slimy, liquor tasting tongue inside her mouth before letting her go. The whole table roared with laughter as the maid coughed out the man's saliva and went to the counter flushed. "I think she liked it she did!"

The woman was obviously upset and the bartender was a man who liked his employees kept after. He came behind the corner and went up to the pirate table.

"Do we have a problem here, sir?" asked the bartender as he nodded his head towards the woman.

"Ahhh, no, no Gerard! Just a bit o' fun! She's a keeper alright!" the table roared with laughter.

"Indeed! I'd love to have 'er sit on my lap and tell me a story tonight" another pirate said allowed and more laughter erupted.

"Look here. I don't mind fun, but Anna is a sweet girl and I'm going to ask you politely not to touch her in such ways," Gerard spoke folding his arms.

"What!? She clearly wus askin' for some lovin'! If ye want us to leave 'er alone tell 'er to stop the flirtin' and they eye battin'!"

"Fine. Just don't let it happen again." Gerard walked back behind the counter and made two more concoctions for a couple of businessmen sitting at the counter.

The night continued on and the men grew more drunk. Again, the same pirate asked Anna for a drink.

"'Ey miss, I been thinkin' we got offta the wrong foot. Ye see 'ere, I musta misplaced mine!" The man stood up and showed his peg leg to her. She stared disgusted and he stuck his wooden leg up her skirt in between her legs and she quickly pushed his stump away. "Awww! C'mon sweet'art! He needs some lovin' too! Unless you prefer the 'ol flesh sticks!" He again grabbed her and felt up her chest this time.

"That's enough!" Yelled Bernard and he stood in front of the pirate with his Mankey beside him, in the foul mood Mankey's can be in. "Get out. All of you, right now. I will not have my employees harassed!"

"'Eh? Bernard I tought we was friends!" The drunken pirate pushed the girl away and flexed his arms. "Ain't need no trouble with ye. Just a couple more drinks and we be set."

"No. You're too drunk as it is. Leave and get your head on straight, Jack Wood."

The man stopped and his smile faded. He bent over bracing his hands on his knees. Faintly laughter could be heard coming from the man as his head bobbed up an down. The laughter grew and the man belted out the loudest laugh possible and leaned his neck back and head up. "Did ye hear that men? He tinks he's gonna throw us out! Well, this can't do no it can't..." Suddenly the table flipped over and a Pokemon was revealed from it's hiding place.

"Bernie! Tackle!" Bernard's Mankey, oddly named after him, jumped at the pirate's Pokemon, Buizel.

"Counter Buizel with a water gun!" Mankey was hit in the face with a strong jet of water and went falling backwards into the counter. "Right! Now hit him with a quick attack!" The Mankey tried to stand up but the super speed of the Buizel knocked him back hitting its head on the counter once more and left the Mankey unconscious. Bernard began to shake and some of the customers ran out of the tavern in fear.

"Well, wat do we 'ave 'ere then? Looks like a free round of drinks for us, eh Bernard? Actually, it looks like unlimited free drinks all night! Ain't that swell of Bernard men!?"

The other pirates cheered sarcastically, "Bernard! Bernard!"

"Y-yes, sirs. Coming right up." Bernard scurried to his Mankey and pulled him behind the bar counter.

Jack wood was about to sit down when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and looked surprised. A shorter, lean, but fit man stood in front of him. His black hood pulled up to conceal his face. "Eh? Wat ya want black guy? A free drink maybe, go ahead, its on Bernard the barkeep tonight!" He roared with laughter and sat down. The man again tapped on his shoulder. "Huh? Look wat ya want ya weirdo? Leave us alone to our drinks or you'll regret it."

The man in black, the same one from the mountains took off his hood. He pointed at the Buizel. "What is this Pokemon doing inside this facility?"

The pirate raised an eyebrow. "He be there for protection! Nothing more. Why are ye worryin' 'bout it? Ye don't look like a soldier or town guard ta me."

"No. I'm not." The man in black put his hand on the table in front of Mr. Wood and shook the glasses on the table. "Are you blind, pirate?"

"Wat!? Damn it leave us alone this is yer last warnin' you black fruit! I know I'm cute but damn!" The pirates around the table chuckled at the notion.

"The sign. The sign on the door. It clearly states no Pokemon allowed. Yet you think you are above the rules?"

Jack sighed and shook his head. "I told ye...." Jack suddenly threw a punch at the man in black. The man in black quickly dodged and rolled away kicking Jack's feet from under him. Jack rubbed his head and got back on his feet. "Oh ? Got some moves do ye? Try this! Buizel, water gun this jackass!" The Buizel rose up and spurted a stream at the man in black he rolled away and knocked over an adjacent table for protection. The force of the water slowly began digging into the old wood. "That's it! Keep at it Buizel show 'em we ain't to be messed with!"

The table was getting close to faulting altogether from the pressure of the water attack. The man in black suddenly turned forward to the table and lowered it an angle. The water hit the angel and before anyone could react the water actually bounced back and smacked straight into the Buizel and his master and both went sprawling on the floor. The man in black seized the moment and picked up the table with ease and slung it cross the room, smashing it onto the pirate. The bigger man roared in anger and jumped up. He swung at the man in black in full rage and completely missed. The man in black kicked him in the ribs with his knee and the pirate stumbled, the floor being soaked, and slipped backwards on the ground.

"Buizel help me!" he pleaded and the Buizel came running at the man in black with no room to dodge. A blur flashed by with a fist leading its movement and slammed into the Buizel. The man in black's trusty Infernape had come to his aid just in the nick of time. The man in black smiled at Nemesio. He turned down back to notice the pirate had fled outside with his companions.

"That's it! Ye think ya can just whip on us! Yer lucky we drank tonight! But we are gonna show you AND Bernard not to mess with us pirates!" hollered Jack from outside. The man in black and Nemesio both walked out the broken door. The scene outside looked grim. There were many Pokemon surrounding the front of the building some ways off. "What ye gonna do now? Everyone, order Pokemon to attack!" The pirates all hollered at their Pokemon to use their powers. There were other Buizels, Tentacools, Horseas, Froakies and others all unleashing ranged water special attacks. Bernard was cowering with his recently awakened Mankey behind the man in black, yet the man seemed to not be worried at all.

The man let out a loud yawn just as water could be seen about to come forth. "Nemesio, put out this water." Nemesio stepped forward and as the water was closing in upon the crew and the building, he opened his mouth and blasted huge red flames out of his mouth. The flames met the wall of water jets and the two collided in a steamy condensation blast. As the steam cleared, the pirates could see that the water from a group of Pokemon was put out by a single Infernape and they began to shake.

"Y-yer gonna pay one day ! Ye hear me!?" Jack shook his fist in their direction and then the pirates began to turn and run.

The man in black frowned and whistled a short tune. Suddenly, a flying Pokemon could be seen zooming across the sky and it hovered near the man's head. It was a Staraptor and of good size. "Tetrax, use brave bird. Do not let them escape." The bird suddenly flew up into the sky and began to glow a red color outline. It approached powerful speed and aimed down right at the fleeing group of men. The look of fear in their faces could be seen and Bernard looked away before the destruction. The bird turned blue and its outline grew even larger. The hulking blue bird slammed into the ground with such force. A cloud of dust and dirt spew into the air all around the impact area and nothing could be seen. The bird flew back to its master and the man in black nodded to Letrax and it flew away from where it came from.

All the town came out and looked around at the scene. Bodies littered the field, both Pokemon and humans. It was not a pretty sight and parents rushed their children away from the carnage. The man in black walked back inside the bar while his Infernape sat outside the door waiting for its master.


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